Thursday, November 3, 2016

How to format entire whole documents fonts, colors, italic, bold in Ms Word 2013

To format the entire whole documents in Ms Word 2013 is very easy.

1. Home>>Editing>Select All and change the font color, size, style (bold, italic), header, colors, etc

2. You can also do conditional formatting only select similar objects. In doing so select an object first and select Text with similar formatting. You can reformat all the objects that has the same formatting

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Remove empty line/space between paragraph after ENTER on Ms Word 2013

Type incomplete sentence and press ENTER will create a gap of empty/blank space between the line of words. Follow the step how to remove it

1. Select the whole line of words to remove the blank space
2. Home tab
3. In paragraph section click on the adjustment up/down arrow
4. Click Remove Space After Paragraph

This will remove the blank empty space after press ENTER on keyboard

How to make table size dimension to auto fit the page in Ms Word 2013

Sometimes the size dimension of the table is varied and no standard. In order to make them standard you can resize according to the page size of the paper by doing the following

1. Click on the table
2. Click on the cross icon and right click
3. Hover on Auto-fit>>Auto-Fit to Window

How to delete Blank Empty page in Ms Words 2013

How to delete Blank empty page in Ms Words 2013.

1. View>> Print Layout>> Check Navigation Pane
2. Inside nagivation pane look for blank page
3. Select the blank page and press delete button on keyboard